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School Sports Day

Traditional school sports day for adults (& children)


We provide for up to 6 teams of ten:

Compere (blazered) & assistant

a stake & bunting arena

PA system

small canopy to house equipment

score board

six sets team braids

medals for the winning team

all the equipment needed for the races/competitions

races/competitions are taken from:

three legged race       egg & spoon race       sack race

skipping rope race       relay race       hula hoop challenge

hockey slalom       throwing relay       pedal-go race

tug of war       apple bobbing (if they donít mind getting wet)

plus others we may make up!!



School Sports Day  
School Sports Day School Sports for John Lewis in Solihull. Two sessions of school sports while It's A Knockout was going on. We also put in the inflatables. 
School Sports Day School sports day for a company family fun day in August. 
School Sports Day so enjoyed by Elba in 2009 that they had another School Sports Day in 2010 & rebooked The School Sports Day for August 2011 & 2012.  
School Sports Day Egg & Spoon in the school sports at Harewood House. 
School Sports Day Sack races at Harewood House (2 days). 
School Sports Day The school sports day set up at Cumberland Lodge in Windsor Great Park for the staff summer bar-b-que. 30 people of all ages participated in the school sports day mostly as individuals. The younger winners got medals in the school sports day while the older school sports day winners got the applause of their peers. 
School Sports Day For Noddy's 60th Birthday at Harewood House there was Circus Whiz circus skills workshop; seven ginat & garden games in The Games Arena; and in an arena of its own The School Sports Day. Three times each day the children participated in egg & spoon races, sack race & tug of war. 
School Sports Day School Sports Day for Elba family fun day. More pictures of the school sports day below in the gallery. As you can see they thoroughly enjoyed the school sports day with 3 legged race, sack race, skipping, pedal-gos, throw ball relay, hockey relay race, tug of war, etc. All the fun of a traditional school sports day.